Job Overview

Responsible for performing general maintenance and cleaning duties and maintaining high standards of safety and sanitation for members and team members. Gathers and returns carts/flatbeds from the parking lot to the club entrance to ensure ready access for club members.


Team Members:

•       Carry out job functions and responsibilities as assigned. Support the application of club policies, procedures and compliance.

•       We strive for flawless execution and hold ourselves accountable.

•       Acts with honesty and integrity and lead with the member in mind to address any and all concerns and to escalate any concerns, as appropriate.

•       Ensure a safe and positive environment for our members and each other.

•       Embrace inclusion and diversity, by working together with collaboration and respect. Work as a team to achieve goals.

•       Move with speed and agility in everything we do.

•       Innovate and adapt so we can move as fast as the world around us.

•       Maintain a friendly and positive attitude.


•       Deliver service excellence through all points of contact.

•       Resolve and deescalate to address every member concern.

•       Ensure a safe and positive environment and experience for the members.

•       Daily commitment to GOLD Member Standards

•       Greet, Anticipate, Appreciate (GAA)

•       Fast, Friendly Full, Fresh, Clean

Club Standards: Work as a team to deliver GOLD club standards daily.

•       Work with commitment and pride to deliver GOLD- Grand opening look daily

•       All items stocked and promotional plans executed

•       Maintain visible accurate signage

•       Clean and organized, inside and out

Know your Business:

•       Understand how to access and read production and/or financial performance reporting for your department.

•       See the connection between consistent execution and the positive impact it can have on the business.


Major Tasks, Responsibilities, and Key Accountabilities

·      Provides members with prompt and courteous service and assistance.  Maintains high standards of safety and sanitation for members and team members.

·      Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of all areas of the club including the sales floor, offices, restrooms and the outdoor grounds and parking lot.

·      Gathers and returns carts and flatbeds from the parking lot to the club entrance. Removes any trash or debris from the parking lot, cart corrals, and exterior of the club.

·      Ensures that carts are well-stocked at the club entrance.

·      Verifies that all carts are in working order and clean. Removes carts that are not suitable for use.

·      Returns new and unused merchandise to the sales floor.

·      Performs maintenance and cleaning duties including wet and dry mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, carpet extracting, washing glass, emptying trash receptacles and pulling pallets.

·      Maintains outdoor grounds of club property including cart corrals, sidewalks and outdoor trash receptacles.

·      Prioritizes maintenance and cleaning responsibilities across the club in an efficient manner.

·      Operates the floor scrubber, trash compactor and cardboard baler machines in a safe and efficient manner following established safety standards.

·      Restocks maintenance / cleaning supplies and ensures supply areas on the receiving dock and maintenance closets are clean, neat and organized.

·      Performs minor and routine building repairs and notifies management when major repairs may be required.

·      Maintains all club policies and procedures.

·      Performs other duties as assigned, including working in other departments as needed.

·      Regular, predictable, full attendance is an essential function of this job.



·      Must successfully complete required training and certification processes.

·       Prior maintenance or janitorial experience preferred, but not required.

·       Prior retail/wholesale experience preferred.

·       May be less than 18 years of age to perform parking lot cart functions. Must be over 18 to operate equipment and enter age restricted areas.


Environmental Job Conditions

·         Most of the time is spent moving about on hard surfaces. May frequently require bending, climbing, crawling, pulling, reaching, stooping and climbing ladders/step stools.

·         Frequently requires lifting objects up to 30 pounds. May require lifting and moving heavy and/or awkward objects more than 30 pounds with assistance. Requires using a pallet jack to pull and push pallets.

·         Frequent exposure to company authorized cleaning agents.

·         Occasional exposure to paint and company authorized chemicals.

·         Exposure to both indoor and outdoor temperatures, as well as occasional exposure to extreme temperatures in freezers and coolers.

·         Frequently works both indoors and outdoors with regular exposure to outdoor weather conditions.